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Auto Refractors

RC-800 Auto Ref/K

  • Highly Accurate
  • Simple to Use
  • Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil
  • High Speed Printer
  • Auto Shot
  • Color Touch Screen

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RC-5000 Advanced Auto Ref/K

Highly accurate measurement combined with short examination time and ease of use makes working with the RC-5000 both professional and quick. The advanced touch-screen display allows you to perform both refraction and keratometry automatically with one simple movement. Capture one eye on the display and the RC-5000 will do both eyes automatically. With the new features, the RC-5000 will surely make your office more efficient.

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RT-7000 Multifunctional Auto Ref/K/Topo

Refractometer, Keratometer and Topographer only in 1 unit. Senior citizens and children can also get the inspection without any trouble because they don’t have to move the seat for three measurements. Switch from Ref-Kerato Mode to Corneal Topography Mode with only one touch. The light cone appears with only one button from the measuring head and the Ref-Keratometer is transformed to the Topographer.

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Simplicity Meets Precision

Optical Imaging Solutions with Touch Screen Technology