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Product Features

  • Wide area capture including outer peripheral
  • Dark area analysis function
  • Automatic analysis and a variety of manual analysis modes
  • Continuous automatic capturing reduces capturing errors
  • Increased speed ensures patient comfort
  • Large volume database and back-up capabilities with SD card
  • Oversized adjustable touch screen
  • Automatic acquisition and automatic shot

Total Automation resulting in faster and more accurate exams!

This device features the latest technology to meet all the customer´s demands. The new device is more accurate due to Tomey’s new Core method to count cells.  All the other units use an Auto Mode that is very inaccurate, due to the fact the software misses reading the edges of the cells. The new unit has a larger screen that moves up and down to accommodate the user’s preference and a new database that can accommodate thousands of patient images and data. And a removable chip that backs up all the data on the unit. It can also output data and images to a EHR server or standalone computer.

Simplicity Meets Precision

Optical Imaging Solutions with Touch Screen Technology